THE BEST IS YET TO COME, 9 x 9 – Sally Bunting


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Inspired by a trip to the beach with my oldest son who happens to have Down syndrome, this series focuses on minnows. As a new mom who had been tossed into the throws of a pandemic on top of raising a child with special abilities, perspective became the greatest influence on my life. I wanted to break down the stigmas of disabilities and allow the conversation to become more open and comfortable. The importance of these works to me is the experience of the movement of the minnows. A coherently diversified and beautiful school with each member playing a specific role in the betterment of our world.

The minnows are formed in groups which range in color, size, and shape to express the unique physical differences we carry in society. The direction the minnows swim is always in an upwards velocity to represent Down syndrome, which many have nicknamed “Up” syndrome for the positive outlook it brings to many lives. While the subject represents inclusion, the overall takeaway is equality. Whether the leader of the school or bringing up the rear, there is a purpose and place for everyone.

  • frame measures 9x9 with a 1" depth, glass front
  • artwork is signed on the back for authenticity by artist
  • artist retains all rights for artwork reproduction