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About Sally

Known for her quirky and fun patterns, colors, subjects and light, Sally uses every painting to envision the world that we live as an animated, cheerful place. By experimenting with aleatoric processes, Sally touches various overlapping themes and strategies. As an artist, she finds it is important to embrace evolving styles and subjects, bringing her open armed approach to life into her art. Sally creates pieces through a playful approach that exhibits a strong sense of organized chaos while incorporating a consistency of those same bright and bold signature colors. Her focus and purpose as an artist is to take the viewer out of their comfort zone to explore life through a different, more colorful lens, ultimately allowing serenity and bliss to be found among a busy, detailed bustle.


Moments...they are quick, but they are defining. As an artist, the experience of the moment fuels the spontaneity of my life and art. I am constantly aware and in awe of the beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis. I feel that it is my calling to help capture that small glimpse of the world through bold, eclectic, happy, and risky color and pattern combinations. I believe that everything and everyone has a spark of beauty that is worth acknowledging and I plan to bring each element to life through my brush strokes. Painting, for me, is a time for reflection (as shown through my abstracts) and a time for admiration (as shown through my portraits). Art is a sanctuary that even at its most topical, takes us outside of our everyday concerns and allows a balance of peace and chaos to coincide boundlessly.
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