Are you ready to explore your inner artist?
Learn how to paint your pet in my unique class setting!

This class is specialized to immerse the participant into my colorful world of painting and my technique through my most popular requests for pet portrait commissions. To accomplish this, I provide each participant a 10" x 10" wood panel (my favorite surface for painting!) among all other necessary materials (paint, paint brushes, aprons, etc.) The participant's panel displays a sketch of their pet that I personally sketch out for them prior to the day of class.

My goal when I began teaching was to bring an immersive and educational painting experience to my participants through a more personalized, hands-on approach. NO PRIOR PAINTING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED FOR THIS CLASS. In fact, most of my participants have never picked up a paint brush before taking my class. My painting classes are mainly self guided with the intention for the participant to explore their own artistic style. There are a limited number of seats available for each class so that I am able to give each participant the most one-on-one time possible during the time allotted. 

To learn more about hosting your own private Paint Your Pet class for both corporate/personal events, please read below.

 If you would like to host a Paint Your Pet class, please email for schedule information and requirements.



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Note: TICKETS SELL FAST. If you find available tickets, buy them sooner rather than later. 


Please send an email to with 3 or more HIGH QUALITY photos of your pet AT LEAST 7 days before class. If you have a favorite, please note which one and I will try to use that it for the sketch, otherwise I will pick the easiest one for you to paint.

Please send with your subject:

Date / Location / Ticket Holder Name

(Example: October 1 / West Elm Charleston / Paint Your Pet with Sally B.)

Photos that generate great paintings:

1. High quality photos (Photos on your phone are fine, but please no screen shots).

2. In the daylight (daylight through a window is fine), but not too sunny that the face is dark.

3. There is great contrast (if you have a black dog/cat, you can see different shades of grey, black, etc. in the photo).

4. The pet is looking at the camera.

5. There is nothing covering the animal that you would not want included in the painting.

6. There is high contrast from the background. Your animal pops off the page.

7. You can see your pet's full face/head. If the ears are cropped out of the photo, they will be cropped out of your painting.

8. The photo is close up. The more details you can see, the better!


Once I have received the image of your pet to paint, I will crop your image into a square focusing mainly on a face shot. This image will be emailed to you for confirmation prior to me starting the sketching process. I will also paint the background color of your painting prior to the day of class to allow more time for you to focus on painting your pet's portrait. A list of background colors will be sent in the email with the cropped image for your to choose from.


Upon arrival, I will go over instructions on how the class will take place. While most participants choose to paint their pet's original coloring, some do choose to take the abstract route. Participants will have an opportunity to learn color mixing and choose their own color palettes for their pet's portraits. For more information on my classes, please visit my FAQs page.