Art Talks Series: Sloan Bragg


As promised, I am working to keep you all up to date with my artistic process and the one thing that I find extremely important is to constantly surround yourself with creatives. They come in all shapes and forms, which is the best part! Artists, graphic designers, fashion and furniture designers, photographers, sculptors…you catch my drift. I have found that they all have inspired me in some way shape or form throughout my time exploring in the arts. I’m going to start making a habit in pinpointing these awesome creatives that I get to work with and their amazing talents.

First up for my "Art Talks Series" is Sloan Bragg!Sloan and I met our freshman year at College of Charleston while we were both living in the same dorm. It’s pretty hard to not like this girl. Not only is she smart and funny, but she’s one of the most genuinely kind and sweet spirited people I've ever met. Not to mention, she has a smile that can light up any room! She was the talent behind all of the photography that you see on my website. Get to know her and how she developed her passion for photography.

Where is your hometown?

I was born and raised on Hilton Head Island, SC. Yes, people are actually from there :).


How did you get started with photography?

It's tough to say the exact time or reason why I started with photography. I was always in love with art in general. Every medium. I wanted to try as many forms as I could. Eventually though, I found that photography combined two of my strengths, my love for art and my love for meeting new people and experiencing new things.


What is your favorite photo that you've taken recently?

My favorite photo was taken right after the Mother Emanuel AME shooting last year in Downtown, Charleston. I love photojournalistic photography and I felt a strong emotional pull to be there and be there with my camera. I took this photograph of a toddler being held by his mother looking towards the church. It still gives me chills just looking at it. Photography has the power to create a dialogue you might not have even planned for.


What/who inspires/motivates you?

I am inspired by everything and everyone who I have had the pleasure of working with. Photography is very much a team effort. If it weren't for the people, places, and events I have come in contact with, I wouldn't be the photographer I am today. Charleston is one of the friendliest cities in the world and I am so lucky to live in a place so accepting and motivated by the arts.


What sort of work do you specialize in?

I specialize in fun, authentic wedding photography and lifestyle portraiture. I also love to shoot landscapes in my spare time.


What is your dream assignment?

Well, I actually am about to go on one of my "dream assignments". I will be living and working with an organization in Kenya for two months starting in January of this year. I have always dreamed of working for National Geographic and hoped for the opportunity of entering into someone's world so different from my own and documenting their way of life to show to the rest of the world.


What is your favorite piece of equipment that you use?

I am really loving my Sigma 105mm f/2.8 Macro lens lately. I have been using it for portraits and it creates such soft shallow depth of field which I love. It's a very romantic lens.


If you could be invisible for one day with your camera, what would you do/where would you go?

Oo, tough one. Right now because I just finished "The Crown" on Netflix, I'd have to say I'd love to be invisible and document the Royal Family in Great Britain. They live such private yet public lives so I'd be fascinated to see what really goes on behind closed doors. Plus, I'd really like to meet Queen Elizabeth's corgis.


What is your favorite restaurant in Charleston?

Oh lord how do I choose? It used to be Heart Woodfire Kitchen in James Island where I waitressed for a year or so but now I really don't know! We're spoiled here in Charleston with the amount of incredible restaurants we have so as of now, I'm going to have to leave that question as a TBD.


What is the last book that you read?

I sadly have not had time to read a book in forever but the last book I read that stuck with me was called, Just Kids by Patti Smith. I picked it up from a bookstore when I lived in New York City and it's about two young artists who supported each other's creative dreams while living in New York City. It felt close to home for me since I was struggling to stay afloat while trying to pursue my artistic goals. I would highly recommend!


You're a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Ooo. Good question. I have actually thought about this before and I'd have to admit, my answer changes frequently. I love all colors but if I'd have to choose I would go with a slate blue which kind of reminds me of the ocean or a burnt orange like in a sunset.


What is your dream vacation?

For a luxurious dream vacation I want to go to Croatia hands down. From the pictures, to me, it is the most beautiful place on earth.


If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why?

My spirit animal is definitely a dolphin. They're peaceful, protective, and playful. Plus, I think if I could live in the ocean for the rest of my life I would be a happy gal.


What are your favorite bands/musicians?

I listen to a lot of music so this question is also a tough one for me. My favorite genre of music would probably be Bluegrass though. I love all of the string instruments Bluegrass brings together. Especially the banjo. Bands like Leftover Salmon, Greensky Bluegress, and Infamous Stringdusters I highly enjoy seeing live. Other than that, on a day to day basis, I listen to a lot of Bob Dylan and Neil Young along with other classic rock/ soul artists from the 70's.


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Right now, I'd truly have to say, I love where I am right now living in Charleston, SC. I feel happiest living on the coast and close to my friends and family. I think it's a great launching pad for all of the places I want to travel to during my lifetime and I'm hoping that photography will continue to open more doors for me in the future.


Be sure to check out Sloan's website and Instagram!